Donald Trump Protests
Donald Trump Protest In New York City

Protests Against The Election Of Donald Trump Pop Up Across The Nation

Donald Trump Protest NYC Anti Trump Protest In New York City, 11-9-16

Last night Donald Trump surprised many, particularly democratic party liberals who live in large coastal cities, when he won the election to become the 45th President of the United States of America. Though Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton has been tied, through her actions, polices pursued and lobbied for, to racism, imperialism, and the like, Trump's election shook many to the core due to his unabashedly xenophobic and misogynistic commentsregarding muslims, immigrants, and women. Though Donald Trump won the electoral college, Hillary Clinton, according to the latest counts, has won the popular vote, jolting many into re-thinking the presidential election process. Protests throughout the country sprouted up following the elections, primarily concentrated in larger, more liberal cities. New York City saw thousands take to the streets.

Many yelled "Not My President." Cities such as Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Berkeley, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, and Seattle saw protests expressing dismay against the newly elected Trump. Many of those that protested were young, of high school and college age. Students at Berkeley High School in the Bay Area, Oakland Tech, along with schools in Phoenix, Boulder, Colorado; Seattle and Des Moines, Iowa, according to reports, also walked out to protest the election of Trump.

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Protests weren't limited to just in the U.S.

Scheduled Anti-Trump Protests: