Prosecutor Who Defended Cyntoia Brown's Sentence Says She Wanted To Kill And Take Abuser's Stuff

Prosecutor Who Defended Cyntoia Brown's Sentence Says She Wanted To Kill And Take Abuser's Stuff

Cyntoia Brown's Lawyers Are Seeking To Overturn Her Life Sentence

Photo Credit: Jae S. Lee for The Tennessean

A prosecutor who defended the incarceration of Cyntoia Brown when she was charged for first-degree murder as a teen recently spoke on her life sentence.

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Speaking to Fox17, Jeff Burks, Brown’s former prosecutor, said that although Tennessee’s law has now classified children who are being sexually exploited as victims and not prostitutes, the change has no bearing on Brown’s sentence.

“I think she did what she wanted to do and unfortunately on this night what she wanted to do was kill him and take his stuff,” Burks said.

When asked if he was in favor of her sentence being commuted Burks responded:

“Well, that’s for the people of the state to decide. I don’t live in the state anymore, so I don’t really have an issue to weigh in there. I’m vocal about what the facts of the case were,not necessarily what the punishment should be. I think it’s a very good question what sentence a person this young should serve there are reasonable arguments on either side of that.”

However, Representative Jeremy Faison spoke against Burks, saying that Brown’s case needs to reviewed again.

“The parole board needs to bring them back up and review any other circumstances that have come up,” Faison said. “Let’s look at it again. Society, what if it’s changed? What if things have changed? Let’s look at this.”

Last week came news that Brown’s appeal to challenge her conviction was denied by Tennessee.

“A legal response filed Wednesday in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says a state court’s rejection of Cyntoia Brown’s appeal didn’t contradict U.S. Supreme Court precedent about cruel and unusual punishment,” a previous report stated.

Source: Fox17

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