President Obama Calls Out Bill Cosby's Pairing Of Drugs & Sex: "That's Rape"

Bill Cosby Barack Obama Collage

President Barack Obama addressed the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby and allegations that the famous entertainer is guilty of numerous acts of drug-assisted sexual assault.

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, the President stressed that America should have no tolerance for rape, and referred to Cosby's actions in saying "I'll say this. If you give a woman — or a man, for that matter — without his or her knowledge a drug, and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. And I think this country, any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape."

Cosby's career and standing with former fans has plummeted in the wake of repeated rape allegations against him made by over 35 women who have come into contact with the comedian during his long-running career. Despite canceling multiple public appearances, for months Cosby maintained his innocence. However, last week brought the revealing of a previously sealed 2005 court disposition in which Cosby admitted to giving sedative drugs to women in anticipation of then having sex with them.

The President's remarks coincide with a new petition to have Bill Cosby's Presidential Medal of Freedom revoked. Cosby was given the medal (America's highest civilian honor) in a 2002 ceremony by then-President George W. Bush. "There's no precedent for revoking a medal," Mr. Obama admitted. "We don't have that mechanism. And as you know, I tend to make it a policy not to comment on the specifics of cases where there might still be, if not criminal, then civil issues involved." Watch video of the President's remarks below.