OKP Premiere: Diamond D Shares His Gritty New Clip For “Jose Feliciano”

Diamond D Jose Feliciano Video

Diamond D Jose Feliciano Video Large

When Bronx legend Diamond D dropped his 2014 LP The Diam Piece, it hit us like a rush of crisp fall air. Full of timeless instrumental loops and rhymes as hard as D has ever written, the record not only showcased his staying power as an MC and producer but helped push hip-hop forward by harkening back to its old-school elemental power. Album cut “Jose Feliciano” contains all that and more, and now Diamond is sharing the new, official video for the track, which Okayplayer is very pleased indeed to premiere.

In the new Emmai Alaquiva-directed visual, we’re treated to urban panoramas, grips of money, gorgeous women–three simple but powerful symbols that make up much of what “Jose Feliciano” is all about. “The is just me spittin about my life experiences and times on the road,” Diamond D told Okaypalyer. Gritty–shaky, even–and flecked with dust in many of its scenes, the “Jose Feliciano” clip homes in on a 70s grindhouse feel that fits the track’s classic vibe bespoke. Alaquiva keeps the contrast high with quick edits, deep shadows and blinding highlights. This is a piece that demands your full attention.

D also went on to explain the song’s namesake. “I called it jose feleciano out of respect for his artistry and him being an unsung Grammy award winner from the Bronx,” he said, adding that he himself relates to that exact description. The new video is already a winner, and one that ought not go unsung by any means. Watch the world premiere of the new clip below.

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