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Premiere: Anna Wise’s “Go” Gets A Downtempo Remix From Shigeto

Premiere: Anna Wise’s “Go” Gets A Downtempo Remix From Shigeto

Anna Wise's "Go" Gets A Downtempo Remix From Shigeto

Anna Wise's "Go" Gets A Downtempo Remix From Shigeto

Kendrick Lamar collaborator Anna Wise dropped her EP The Feminine: Act I back in April of this year. The seven song release found the artist commenting on the struggles that women endure everyday, exploring the layers of the feminine psyche through the project and commending the power in womanhood.

One of the songs off the EP, “Go,” was recently released as a music video. And now we’re premiering a remix of the track, created by international producer Zach Saginaw, better known as Shigeto.

Where the original is playful and upbeat (although the lyrics provide an interesting contrast), Shigeto’s rendition is moody, sensual and sultry, as it hones in on the song’s hook (“I used to love it”). The remix really puts the track into perspective, with the use of space emphasizing certain lyrics and a tone that don’t resonate as much in the original version. Overall, it’s a enjoyable downtempo reinterpretation of one of the standout tracks from Wise’s EP.

“Every woman’s sensuality is valid and important. While my songs and videos have an obvious reading which is ‘hey it’s ok to love our bodies’ there is a deeper meaning which is, all of this is an illusion,” Wise said in regards to the EP with Fader. “As women, we are all so often aware that our experiences are validated and evaluated through the prism of patriarchy.”

Wise will be performing in New York on October 25, as a part of the Femmequerade Witch Ball event. Wise will be performing alongside Latasha Alcindor, FXWRK, Yatta Zoker, Coven of Mima Good and others.

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“We unite to rebirth awareness of our inherent Divinity. We awaken our inner witches, brujas and shamans, to reignite the legacy of our women ancestors and collectively step into our power. This power is intrinsically destructive to patriarchy, a threat to the cis hetero capitalist patriarchal state. We are the cure for toxic masculinity,” a statement for the event reads. Details for the event can be found here.

Check out the remix of “Go” below.


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