Watch As A Tribe Called Quest Mural Is Created In Queens
Watch As A Tribe Called Quest Mural Is Created In Queens

Pre-Order A Tribe Called Quest's Final Album On Vinyl

A Tribe Called Quest To Open Pop Up Shop In NYC This Week

As we're sure many of you already know, a new album from A Tribe Called Quest will arrive this Friday, November 11th. Yes, that means we're only days away. No, that doesn't mean we're any closer to knowing exactly what's in store for us (though we've gathered what we do know for certain.)

However, no matter what actually lays ahead, the pre-order blitz is officially underway, and The Shop has got you covered. We're officially taking orders for A Tribe Called Quest's We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service on vinyl.

The album is expected begin shipping out in mid-December, but you can make sure you're one of the first heads to hear it from between the waxy grooves by pre-ordering your copy today. The album is slated to feature guest appearances from Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli, Anderson .Paak,Jack White, Elton John (yep, that Elton John) as well as all four tribesman, recorded entirely in Q-Tip's home studio following the group's Tonight Show reunion.

We're only days out now, so be sure to hold tight for more details on this anxiously-anticipated release as they arrive.