Pharrell Breaks Down His Work With Jay Z On 'The Black Album'

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Pharrell discusses his work with Jay Z over the years, including the experience of producing "Change Clothes" and "Allure" for The Black Album in the latest episode of Decoded from Life + Times. He dives into their similarities as creative thinkers and artists and breaks down the importance of knowing when to get to work and when to take a step back; Pharrell notes that every time he and Jay have tried to force their work, the end product has been disastrous. He touches on his initial excitement about working with Jay - a feeling fueled by the MC's catalog and his expertly crafted emotionally driven rhymes, including "Dead Presidents" I and II. Pharrell also digs into the topic of Jay Z's individual genius, detailing the similarities between his recording routines and that of The Oracle of Delphi, who pulls her prophecies from the ether. Check the footage below to get the full story from Pharrell.