Pete Rock Talks Remix Game, J Dilla & 'Petestrumentals 2'

Pete Rock Speaks On His Remix Game, J Dilla's Influence & Confirms 'Petestrumentals 2' w/ Dart Adams

Pete Rock Speaks On The Art Of The Remix, J Dilla's Influence, Comic Book Quarrels + More w/ Dart Adams

The legendary Pete Rock has been enjoying some time on the road with the Slum Village crew as of late, taking their true-school revue across the US of A for some musical merriment. While on tour, Bostonian beat junky and journalist Dart Adams caught up with The Soul Brother to rap about influences, remixing, the GOAT J Dilla, comic books (of course) and a whole lot more. The chat began with some reminiscences over the late, great Heavy D, who was both blood and inspiration to the mighty PR, aspiring to hit every strata that Hev touched in his journey through the entertainment industry in what certainly an emotional moment for Pete.

The Mt. Vernon beat machine then went in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before relinquishing the throne to Jay Dee, who he acknowledges to have had a student-turns-teacher type of relationship with. It isn’t difficult to see the outpouring of love PR has for each and every fallen titan, having lived long enough to see the legacies of his contemporaries transcend to god level. It’s a quick one, but certainly worth the 8-minute block out of your day. Oh and don’t miss the confirmation of the long-awaited follow-up to Petestrumentals, which he claims will arrive at some point this summer. Keep your head on a swivel and peep Dart Adams’ interview with Pete Rock below.

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