Patti Labelle Hosted The Ultimate Thanksgiving Party

Patti Labelle & James Wright's Lovefest Is The Thanksgiving That Keeps On Giving

by Scott Heins
November 30, 2015 6:17 PM

Questlove Will Finally Be Getting A Home-Cooked Meal From Patti LaBelle
Image via Okayplayer’s own animated short

If you’re only just now waking up from your massive Thanksgiving food coma (we see you), then first order of business is to watch (or rewatch) the one-and-only Patti Labelle dancing, singing and dining with James Wright Chanel as Questlove gleefully looked on. Go on ahead, we’ll wait..

Part 2 "I believe in love"…. The love keeps going #pattilabelle #jameswright #pattiepies @jameswrightchanel @mspattilabelle #happythanksgiving what an incredible way to spend your bday and ? day

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See, this is perfect: James & Patti havin an adlib lovefest & I'm sneaking slice number 4 of #PattiPie #FinallyPATTI #HappyThanksgiving

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It seems that after decades of build up (at least on Questlove’s part) and four million Youtube videos (on Wright’s part), the R&B dreams of two grown men have come true. We’ve heard that the Patti pies go over just as well on Christmas as they do Thanksgiving. Better stock up now.

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