Pass The Popcorn: Common Set To Star In New Iraq War Drama 'Leavey'

Pass The Popcorn: Common Signs On To Star In DC Comics' 'Suicide Squad'

Common will star in the upcoming film Leavey, a drama set during the Iraq war that tells the real-life story of Megan Leavey, a military veteran whose combat dog Rex saved lives as the two tracked down roadside bombs from 2004-2006. Deadline reports that Common will take on the role of Sgt. Gunney Massey, the officer in charge of combat dog kennels at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. It's the newest addition to the MC's ever-burgeoning filmic resume--Common of course stars in the upcoming comic book action flick Suicide Squad, and was also added to the cast of John Wick 2 earlier this fall. That's in addition to The Wiz, the upcoming new installment in the Barbershop series, and Common's own HBO production deal, which was confirmed back in October.

Leavey will also star Kate Mara and Edie Falco. Additional details on its plot and release schedule are scarce, but fans can expect it to open in theaters sometime next year. Sadly Rex, the dog whose heroism inspired the film, passed away at the wizened age of 11 back in 2012.

Spotted at: Deadline