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Paid Dues Has Been Cancelled, But May Return In 2015.

Paid Dues Has Been Cancelled, But May Return In 2015.

Murs cancels Paid Dues Festival

The Paid Dues festival is no more. That’s it. Everybody can go home. Christmas has been cancelled. Guerilla Union– the company behind the now infamous Rock The Bells cancellation– made Murs, the Paid Dues founder, be the bearer of bad news in a Facebook post yesterday.

“I regretfully announce that Paid Dues will not happen this year. 2013 was a financially challenging year for our partners at Guerilla Union and as a direct result of these unfortunate circumstances we were not able to come together to give you another successful Paid Dues Festival. However, I am using this time to restructure my business in order to bring you Paid Dues for 2015.”

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We certainly hope so and we know Murs to be a man of it’s word, though its hard to blame people for being bummed. This is the second major hip-hop festival cancelled in two years. Unfortunately, cancellations like this are quickly becoming the norm which shouldn’t be surprising. Guerilla Union is one of the largest sponsors for hip-hop festivals, so their financial woes have been and may yet be reflected in more closures. Oh well…see you in 2015, Paid Dues (hopefully?)


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