Outkast's 'Stankonia' Gets 15th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

Stanklove: Outkast's 'Stankonia' Is Getting A Limited (And Trippy) 15th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

by zo
October 28, 2015 2:48 PM

Outkast's 'Stankonia' Is Getting A Limited (And Trippy) 15th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

This Halloween we won’t merely be celebrating the annual fright night festivities. No, this Halloween has a whole lot more going for it than tricks, treats and costumes. This Halloween, we celebrate 15 years of Outkast‘s year 2000 smash, Stankonia, still as potent today as it was at the dawn of the new century. And while we’ve got some extra-special plans to put one (or maybe even two) up for the ATLien duo’s fourth studio album, you’ll have another way to bring the stank into its fifteenth year. As a Record Store Day exclusive, Stankonia is being treated to a very limited (and very trippy) vinyl reissue with shades of yellow, orange, purple and black splattered to the acetate itself, pressed to only 3,000 copies and available only in participating stores, making this perhaps the year’s most coveted RSD release, rivaled only by a handful of others, which we’ll be sure to fill you in on tomorrow when we unveil our official guide to Record Store Day 2015. For now, you can just peep the packaging up above to get the salivating started. Certainly a worth piece for any collection that will come with its own set of bragging rights and all the Stanklove one can bear.

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