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OKP Premiere: Olamide Faison – “Hey There Love”

OKP Premiere: Olamide Faison – “Hey There Love”

Musical Everyman Olamide Faison Follows A Stint In 90's R&B Group Imajin With The First Taste Of A Forthcoming Series Of EP's With The New Single "Hey There Love."

Musical everyman Olamide Faison follows a stint in the 90’s r&b band Imajin and the more recent live 2-track B.E. It Is What It Is EP with the brand new acoustic gem “Hey There Love” – a rock solid primer for the upcoming series of EP’s the singer has lurking up his sleeve. Waxing poetic about the possibilities of love, Faison spins a bittersweet tale of ups and downs into a nugget of solid gold. Though it could be argued that his beautifully soothing vocal or well-rounded musicianship are what make this track, it is truly Faison’s writing that takes top billing this go-round. Fanning out across this lullaby is a series of sweet nothings that speak to the complexities of relationships through a short narrative that does not gloss over the bumps and bruises the average heart sustains before succeeding at love. Check the track below to stream “Hey There Love.” Get more on Faison via Catch him onstage in NYC at The Bitter End on January 20th. Follow him on Twitter at @YoOlamide to keep up with the latest from his forthcoming EP.


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