OKP Premiere: The Jack Moves Drop Funky Self-Titled LP

OKP Premiere: The Jack Moves Strike Funked-Out Gold On Their New Self-Titled LP

The Jack Moves Press Portrait

Born out of a shared love of vintage boogie soul and modern hip-hop beat production, the partnership of Zee Desmondes and Teddy Powell is bearing funky fruit. The two write and record as The Jack Moves and have been sharing ever-tantalizing snippets of material for years. It’s the product of big ears, hard work and a cramped apartment in Newark, where The Jack Moves writes and records almost all of their material.

This week the duo will celebrate the release of their self-titled LP, a brilliant work fully of soaring vocals, funky lopsided beats and arrangements that fluctuate between maximalist strings and sharp keyboard jabs. Released on Wax Poetics Records, The Jack Moves is a kind of public confirmation of what those-in-the-know have long been up on: Desmondes and Powell have the kind of talent that gets heads nodding, feet moving, eyes watering and hearts pounding. This is funk that blends lightness with depth–it’s bound to get stuck spinning in your brain and never stop.

The record opens like a classic drama film with the towering horns of “All At Once,” and from there it’s all-too-easy to sink into the sound. “Seasons Change” delivers on-point funk bass and sitar in equal helpings, while “Lover’s Masquerade” will bring to mind flashing city lights blurred by the warm mist of summer rain. The Jack Moves have imbued every last beat and bar with sensuality; your new personal soundtrack has arrived. Okayplayer is very proud to present the LP’s world premiere below, and as your listening be sure to pre-order your own copy over on iTunes. The Jack Moves officially drops on Friday, October 30th. And as a bonus treat, watch their most recent video for “Joyride” after the jump.

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