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Biscosmithxokayplayer8 20161112 web

Bisco Smith MANIFEST at Okay Space Gallery


In March of this year, Okayplayer and Okayafrica launched Okay Space, a multi-use gallery, studio and activation site located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. In addition to being a hosting venue, Okay Space is where our companies showcase partnerships, programming, and aesthetics of both Okayplayer and Okayafrica. Throughout the year we have hosted a variety of art exhibitions, pop-ups, film / political debate / SNL screenings, photo shoots, and more. Currently showing at Okay Space is MANIFEST - A collection of works by BiscoSmith (on view at Okay Space from 11/11 - 11/28).  Come by the gallery at 281 North 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Paintings and limited edition prints are available for purchase at the gallery and on the web site at


Tuesday, Nov 29th from 7p to 10p



Thursday Dec 1st from 7p to 10p (running until Dec 4)



Thursday Dec 8th from 7p to 10p (running until Dec 20)



* * Email space at okayplayer dot com for inquiries * *

NOW SHOWING! - MANIFEST - A collection of works by BiscoSmith

Thoughts turn to words, words turn to actions, actions turn to outcomes, laws of attraction. Through the chaos and uncertainty the mind scripts the scene, put it in the universe, live out the dream.

From the Bisco Smith

After a 7 day residency at Okay Space during one of America’s most tumultuous elections, Manifest, serves as my preparation and in the moment response to America’s new chapter. The opportunity and idea of this brief residency came fast and with the date 11/11 set for the opening, I knew the energy of the elections would have just taken place so the messaging had to touch on something up-lifting. A few days into the work and many conversations later, the idea of Manifest was born, mainly as a solution or some insight as to how I see us collectively making our worlds better, as I believe it all starts an individual level.

The first collection of works in the show are titled MOMENTS, these paintings are meditations based on the exhibitions statement, Thoughts turn to words, words turn to actions, actions turn to outcomes, laws of attraction. Through the chaos and uncertainty the mind scripts the scene, put it in the universe, live out the dream. Each piece was created with an undertone of good intention and blends my hand-style writing with texture and movement giving depth to the physical works.

The edition of 111 hand-pulled screen prints titled, METHODS, also serves as an expert of the overall statement behind, Manifest.

The text says: Thoughts turn to words, words turn to actions, actions turn to outcomes, laws of attraction.

The next series of works are titled, Steps to Manifest, Here there is a collection of 6 works that when displayed in order outline my approach to manifesting a better tomorrow.

BEGINNINGS - This piece began with the word, ONE, my belief is to begin you must become whole, we must be one with ourselves and the world around us. Next is titled, YESTERDAYS, wipe away the past and let go of the things that are holding us back. INTENTIONS, says “make your tomorrows today” today is when we set our intentions for a better tomorrow. Once the intentions are set we must clear the space for the future in, TOMORROWS. With the space clear ahead we get to the, MEDITATIONS, which is about humbly being grateful for all that is, and all that will be. Finally in the, Steps to Manifest, series, once you have taken these steps, opened the space and move with intention, the goodness will MANIFEST a piece that captures the explosion of energy when all steps culminate.

GRATITUDE - A word I often think of and a practice I aim to think on daily. Give Thanks for all things small and large.

MANTRA - Created post election, I was trying to figure out how I felt the day after, how to react to what just happened in our country. Slowly I came to the realization that now more than ever, we the creatives, the artists, the poets, the writers, etc.. we must inspire, shine light, and work for the greater good now more than ever. With that in mind the MANTRA came to me “Don’t not feed into fear, or fall into the darkness. Now more than ever before, we must create light. Change, art, culture, balance, positivity, and hope for the future. We must think it, talk it, and make it like never before. take aim and move forward, can’t let the weights hold us down. Manifest a better tomorrow, the time is now! Don’t feed into fear, or fall into the darkness” I believe we must see and be the light, not feed the fear..”

ALL IN TIME (7 days of time lapse)

This video piece captured and displays the week long residency in the space. Showing the process, set up, and all the energy that went into the exhibition. 7 days was not long, but served as a much needed preparation and thinking space while the madness of the elections unraveled.


The tools that hold me down, and keep me grounded. So important to the process they become their own works of art.


“Gratitude to all things past, Service for all things present, Responsibility of all things future.”

I read a similar quote while riding the train on election day. Without thinking I saved the paper and the next day after the announcement of our president elect. I was trying to figure out how to take it all in. This quote entered my mind again and I pulled it out of my bag, taped it to the wall, and later that night decided to look into it. I found it's a philosophy rooted in religion and spirituality, but at this moment in time I think it applies to our humanity as a whole. So I decided to add that to that wall and open the space for the people to write their words. What was written was powerful and positive. The future is our responsibility. Not the government and not our leaders. It's on all of us. Let's keep working for the good!

Thanks for taking the time to absorb the work, may the future be a bright one!



about the artist:

BISCOSMITH (b.1980) is an American contemporary urban artist whose work is characterized as a blend of graffiti deconstruction, abstract gesturalism, action painting, and style writing. His technique involves energetic, expressive brushstrokes that reflect the flow of music and translates the consciousness of the moment into painted lyrics and abstract black and white works of art.

Bisco believes that art is energy transmitted through various mediums, and as such, the artist becomes the conduit. He aims to bring a good intention to all his paintings in hopes that the energy will continue to resonate wherever the art lives. His art captures the unseen rhythms of music, the untamed energy of a moment, duality, and good intentions.

Bisco has exhibited art, performed music, painted murals, and partnered with creative brands and live events worldwide. Bisco's work is regularly exhibited in major markets and is collected by both national and international collectors.

BiscoSmith currently resides in Queens, NY while working between New York City and Los Angeles.