Numero Group's Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound

Numero Group Presents 'Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound'

by karaslamb
August 09, 2013 3:43 PM

Numero Group releases Purple Snow, a compilation of lesser known, but pivotal, that developed the Minneapolis Sound

Numero Group presents Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound – the pre-Prince compilation of Minneapolis funk behind the city’s timeless sound. The boogie-driven fusion marrying classic funk principles with rock guitar that would eventually bolt out of the Twin Cities and go on to drive subsequent decades of r&b and pop production is never really discussed in great detail past the iconic works and faces of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Morris Day and Prince. The Purple Snow compilation stands to change that with a body of work that spans two discs and likely over a decade of white hot musical innovation fresh from the land of 10,000 lakes. This is the sound and circumstance that gestated the relentless groove the region later became known for across the world. Still prepping the packaging for the release, Numero Group – the quirky Louisiana reissue label that has captured the hearts of DJs and diggers across the world – blogged their initial reactions to receiving and examining the proofs for the packaging:

Proofs arrived today, giving us a tangible idea of what Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound will look and feel like. It feels wonderful. At a healthy 8 pounds, Purple Snow is thicker than Syl, heavier than Light on the Southside, and freakier than… anything on the Numero catalog? The photographs, from professional to amateur, have reproduced nicely, making this as much of an art book as a Minneapolis Sound encyclopedia.

Certain reissues, rare pressings and limited run releases are not to be missed. Get On Down and Waxpoetics press many of them. Numero Group – internationally renowned for the sleuthing they do in the name of funk – delivers much of the rest. Purple Snow will undoubtedly be another notch in their belt full of epic projects, as the 50th mainline release from the label. The 32-track compilation is available via double CD or 4-disc vinyl release and arrives with a hardbound book. Do not be late to the party for this one. Pre-order Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound via Numero Group. View the trailer for Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound below.

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