Norah Jones “It Was The Last Thing On Your Mind” Video from ‘They Came Together’

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Norah Jones x Robert Glasper

Norah Jones has been streaming through your ear drums and you may not have noticed. The singers’ legendary album Come Away With Me gave us some serious poetic imagery to work with in 2002 and since then Jones has provided songs to some major motion picture soundtracks including My Blueberry Nights, The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement, Ted and most recently They Came Together out June 27th. The singer provides the musical centerpiece for the romantic-comedy spoof which stars Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. Lionsgate Records have released a digital EP for They Came Together which features original songs by former Shudder To Think lead singer/film composer Craig Wedren (scored Role Models, Afternoon Delight, United States Of Tara), Amy Miles and Jones’ track It Was The Last Thing On Your Mind.”

The music video for the song features clips from the movie that make rom-coms look worse than we already know they are (it’s ok, it’s a guilty pleasure). You can’t help but laugh at clips of the stars playing in fall leaves (beside an unconscious man) and of course the hilarity in the quintessential morning after scene. The directors went even further and spoofed out the “musicians at work” with documentary style shots of Jones and the band, as well as cameos from John Stamos and Adam Scott who play music engineers. If you take “It Was The Last Thing On Your Mind” out of the context of the film you realize it is another job well done by Jones – who translates any emotion through her voice. With lyrics like “Love was the last thing on your mind” the track sets a sultry-sweet and shamelessly cliché mood for the video… but seriously – who wouldn’t want Norah Jones to make the soundtrack to their life? Jones’ new project Puss ‘n’ Boots, –a trio with Sasha Dobson and Cat Popper–is set to release their debut album No Fools, No Fun on July 15th. Stay posted and stream the “It Was The Last Thing On Your Mind” video below.

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