New artist Lorde

First Look Fridays: Lorde


Words can’t do justice to describe Lorde. If you’re like me, you’ll take a listen to “Royals” below and then be shocked to find out that she is a 16-year old girl  named Kiwi Ella from New Zealand. She’s on some catchy-as-hell-harmonies-from-heaven tip. She writes all of her lyrics and the production is a collaborative effort between her and a producer, named in this interview simply as Joel. Her voice is something else, and is especially impressive for a girl of her age. She claims to be influenced by Flying Lotus and Radiohead. Her songs range from up-beat pop jams to darker beat-heavy tracks.  If you like Grimes, Robyn, or M.I.A. I feel like you would like Lorde. Check out the tracks below, follow her on facebook, and be on the look-out for Lorde.

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