Video: NaS "The Don" & "Nasty" Live On Jimmy Kimmel

New York girls go mad over NaS but apparently so do L.A. girls, Jimmy Kimmel watchers and music-buyers in general. This double performance of "The Don" and "Nasty" is pretty dope on its own merits but gets pushed to another level as a celebration of the fact that Nasir's new LP Life Is Good(purchase on iTunes now) officially debuted at #1 yesterday with just under 150K units sold in the first week, which I believes puts Mr. Jones at 6 #1 debuts out of 10 albums. 10 albums and almost 20 years after bootleggers robbed Illmatic of its rightful place on the charts and god's son is still punishing 'em for it. Time to pop thousand dollar bottles of scotch and heal the people.