The Wu-Tang Clan Talk Kung-Fu Origins & More With Nardwuar

The Wu-Tang Clan Talk Kung-Fu Origins & More With Nardwuar

by zo
July 07, 2014 12:33 PM

Nardwuar Takes On The Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu-Tang Clan got the Human Serviette treatment as Nardwuar took his supreme trolling skills to the crew during a stop they made in Nardy’s hometown of Vancouver. And what a meeting of the minds it was. After RZA introduced the entirety of the group — yes, even Raekwon — Nard began his ritual gift giving, delving into the crew’s Kung-Fu flick roots, prescribing each member a film based on the RZA’s own myth-building efforts — as they were laid down in The Manual — dishing out rare posters from legendary and often forgotten treatments. And what better venue to do so than the off-chance gathering of the whole crew.

They then jump into some of RZA and GZA‘s earlier records like Ooh I Love You Rakeem and Come Do Me to give the fans a sense of the group’s timelessness and dynamism, with RZA pointing out how the industry demanded r&b cuts in those days for even minimal distribution. We find out RZA and The Chef had early cameos in GZA’s first video as faceless painters, with Rae taking the time to talk some shit about Nardwuar’s patently ridiculous outfits. There’s so much Wu glory packed into these 25 minutes that we’d be doing you wrong for spilling it all out here. So go and get the full script from Nardwuar’s encounter with The Wu-Tang Clan down below.

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