REVIVE Audio: Myele Manzanza Remixes MdCL's "Nova Roda"

REVIVE Audio: Myele Manzanza Remixes MdCL's "Nova Roda"

Mark De Clive-Lowe's 'CHURCH' LP Standout "Nova Roda" Returns To The Surface In The Form Of A Remix From Drummer Myele Manzanza.

Mark De Clive-Lowe‘s CHURCH LP standout “Nova Roda” returns to the surface in the form of a remix from drummer Myele Manzanza. The single comes ahead of the release of the CHURCH Remixed LP, which is scheduled to arrive October 2nd via Ropeadope Records. Manzanza broke down his approach to the remix in an exclusive interview with REVIVE:

The original version of “Nova Roda” was quite a cool starting point to work from. As the piece starts slow and gradually builds up in tempo and intensity it means that as a remixer you have a lot of options to start from. Do I take a bit from the beginning at 90-ish BPM and go for a hip-hop thing? Maybe 100-110 bpm and go for a mellow downbeat vibe? Or go house/broken beat at 120? Also, as it’s raw material is essentially a berimbau groove and vocal chant over and over, it leaves a lot of room for interpretation as to the energy and style that you could take it in. I had maybe four different rough grooves I tried out before settling on the final one. I had just finished the Theo Parrish live tour before starting on this and a lot of the style and energy that we developed in that band ended up coming into this remix almost automatically, particularly the loose-but-tight polyrhythmic counter rhythms between the bass and chords when it really starts cooking.

Click the link below to listen to the track via BamaLoveSoul. Purchase the CHURCH LP via iTunes. Get the full breakdown via REVIVE.

>>>Click Here To Listen To “Nova Roda” (Myele Manzanza Remix) via BLS<<<

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