More Kanye West Than You Can Digest (Interviews + Rants)

More Kanye West Than You Can Possibly Digest (Interviews + Rants Roundup)


Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. Kanye-Kanye. And did I forget to mention? Kanye. Mr. West (in my best Bernie Mac voice) has had an eye-opening, ego-shattering, milkshake-sipping press cycle over the past month or two, complete with late-night mock-ups, divine interventions and an unprecedented run of interviews and appearances. Kanye interviews are compulsively watchable/readable; a magic mixture of creative brilliance, left-brained insights on the world and no-he-did-not statements comparing himself to Jesus or saying things like “I try to keep it 5 years old at all times.” And if you’ve yet to have your fill, we’ve got even more from the man they (he) call Yeezus. In light of all the new Kanye-isms and quotables, numerous press outlets have gone into the vaults and VHS bins to dig out their old, unpublished interviews with Yeezy, bumping the fascination with Kanye stories up to Prince-like levels. In the past few days we were graced with not one, not two, but three roughly a billion separate interviews that have dawned upon us from various points in the man’s career, plus some onstage pontification. Taken together, it’s a body of work that suggests his main mission in life may be to elevate the celebrity interview into a reality-TV-like performance art all its own. So lets take a trip down Kanye Lane to see where he came from, where he went and where he’s getting ready to go.

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