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Mo'Nique Releases Private Phone Conversation With Tyler Perry

Mo'Nique has released secretly recorded phone conversations she and her husband Sydney Hicks had with Tyler Perry. Rolling Out posted the recordings on Tuesday, and the audio reveals Perry sided with Mo’Nique on many of her claims of being mistreated in Hollywood, including her being labeled difficult to work with as unfair.

Mo’Nique first made the phone call public last year, when she called out Perry, Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey for allegedly blackballing her.

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The claims emerged after the Academy Award winner filmed the Lee Daniels-directed  Precious. She refused to travel internationally to promote the 2009 film since she would not have been compensated. The comedian says she was only paid $50,000 for her work in the film and Perry vowed to make things right.

In the audio, Perry appears to say, "This is Tyler Perry talking. I’m gonna call and find out what money is coming in from Precious, and I’m going to send that to you,” he says in the audio. “I’m going to send that over to you. Whatever it is, I’m gonna send it to you.”

In the audio, Perry also agreed with Mo'nique on the studio being responsible for paying the actress to travel and promote Precious at Cannes Film Festival.

At one point during the call, Mo'nique criticizes Perry, saying, “Madea, I need you to pull Tyler’s ass in the back and say, ‘Baby, you watching this sister and her family starve. You’re watching it. What do you want me to do?"