Mo Kolours x John Wizards - "Mike Black" (Remix)

Mo Kolours x John Wizards - "Mike Black" (Remix)

South African Sensations John Wizards Remix Mo Kolours' Self-Titled Debut LP Standout "Mike Black."

South African musical sensations John Wizards serve up an infectiously bright remix of Mo Kolours‘ self-titled debut LP standout “Mike Black.” Their sunny remix follows the release of the 18-track Mo Kolours LP, which dropped in March via One-Handed Music. John Wizards tamp down Mo Kolours’ omnipresent percussion in order to crank up the melody, which bursts, blooms and glitters across a foundation of chilled guitar licks and a much more filtered and subsequently subtle drum. Check the track below to listen to “Mike Black” (John Wizards Remix). Purchase the Mo Kolours LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from Mo Kolours.

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