Mndsgn x Nanna B. - "Akasha" [Official Video]

Mndsgn & Nanna B. Share Smooth, Dreamy New Single "Akasha"

by zo
January 14, 2016 12:25 PM

Mndsgn & Nanna B. Share Smooth, Dreamy New Single "Akasha"

It’s been a real pleasure watching Mndsgn come into his own over the years. The nomadic frequency weaver’s Stones Throw landing was a fitting one, joining the ranks of the some of the beat scene’s brightest maestros on a roster that seemingly gets better with each and every year that goes by. Lately, we’ve seen him in all sorts of incarnations, providing the supporting sonic suites for new talents like Tiffany Gouché and his Koreatown Oddity collabo project, Vivians.

Today, however he returns with yet another new talent in Nanna B., (who turned up on the cassette-exclusive Vivians debut and seems to be a frequent beat scene collaborator in the last few years) on the smooth-as-hell new single, “Akasha.” Here Mndsgn plays his strongest suits, fitting Nanna with a synth-smothered spell of 80s-styled r&b vibes, opening up the cut to an ethereal lilt; a brilliant beginning to a tale we’re sure we haven’t heard the last of. The video is surreal one, finding the duo wandering an arid dessert, painted up and washed out. Watch the new video for Mndsgn and Nanna B.’s dreamy new cut below.

Mndsgn Tour Dates:
Feb 09 @ Paradiso Kleine Zaal – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Feb 12 @ Gretchen – Berlin, Germany
Feb 19 @ Loppen, Christiania – København, Denmark

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