Joey llanos mix thumb
Joey llanos mix thumb

Mixtape Mondays: Joey Llanos x Larry Levan, Jamie XX, Rhettmatic x Soulection + More

Mixtapes: Joey Llanos Larry Levan Street Party Playlist

Mixtape Monday time has come round again, mmmkayplayers. Monday Morning creeps up and catches us sleeping, every damn week. Luckily we keep our iPod under the pillow, with the safety off and an ammo clip full of Mixtapes. Take that, Monday. And that and that and that. "That" is our lead Mixtape, honoring DJ divinity Larry Levan (pictured above) in advance of the Larry Levan Street Party next week (Sunday, May 11th) as part of Red Bull Music Academy's RBMA NYC Music Festival. Specifically Paradise Garage vet and keeper of the torch Joey Llanos curates an exclusive playlist of garage classics to get us in the Street Party mode. "That and that and that" represents the rest of our Mixtape Mondays round-up, including Benij B's tribute mix for DJ RashadJamie XX putting down 120 minutes of dancing-in-the-dark jams, (including this King Krule remix thingy with Wiki and first look kid Lucki Eck$) on the BBC; DJ Rhettmatic paying tribute to Soulection; a mixed compilation/beat tape of South Africa's Subterranean Wavelength and A.J. Holmes chronicling 20 Years of Kwaito (both via Okayafrica, natch) and last but certainly not least disturbing, a Dutty Artz mix mixed by dj /rupture and inspired by the mindfuck documentary The Act Of Killing. Get full info for the Larry Levan Street Party via the flyer below--and click through to let the Mixtapes begin.

Joey Llanos Mixtape RBMA


Mark Riley, Gary Thornton, Joey Llanos and Larry Levan.

Joey Llanos, if you don't recognize the name, is the organizer of the annual Paradise Garage reunion parties, not to mention a friend and frequent fill-in DJ for Larry Levan since the days of the original Garage AKA the holy grail of New York clubs. To create the right mood for this Spring's reunion next Sunday for RBMA, Joey put together a playlist of Garage floor-burners from Aurra to Yoko Ono--exclusively for Okayplayer! Listen while you get a bit of history of Llanos' involvement with the Paradise Garage and reunion parties via the quote below, scroll down for tracklisting.

I Was brought to the Paradise Garage for the first time by a friend, Mark Riley of WLIB radio NYC.

It was there I was introduced to Larry Levan for the first time in 1978. I was overwhelmed by the massiveness of the club and the soundsystem. I knew nothing about DJing until I met Larry. I was so impressed, I went back to the club on my own the following week, secured a job on the security team and shortly after became head of security.

I am also a Local 3 Union electrician, so Larry found this out and asked me to do some electrical system upgrading for him on the sound system. Being able to talk to Larry on a technical level brought me closer to him, to where eventually I was allowed to play on his soundsystem. This turned into me being an unofficial back up DJ for him when he came in late or did not come in at all. Since the Paradise Garage closed in 1987, I have been doing the sought after Paradise Garage Annual Reunion party which this 2014 will make 27 years. We started an initiative to have King Streets name changed to "Larry Levan Way.” RBMA got wind of this and partnered up with me to do the up coming Levan Street Party on May 11th. Our Next Paradise Garage Annual Reunion party will be Labor Day weekend Sunday August 31st at Le Poisson Rogue.

Thank you.

See you on the Dance floor. - Joey Llanos

Joey Llanos Playlist For Larry Levan from OKAYPLAYER on 8tracks Radio.

1. Baby I'm scared of you-- Womack & Womack









10- BOSTICH-------------------YELLO


12- Closer ---------------------------Gween Guthrie---------------LL

-13-Don't Mak Me Wait-------------- Peach Boys------LL

14- Caught Up In A One Night Love Affair

15- Aint No Mountain High Enough-------------------LL

16- Moment Of My Life

17-Somebody Else's Guy

18- Make It Last Forever (the 13 minute Larry Levan remix)

19-Set Fire To Me --Wille Colon

20- When I come Home -Aura ---------------------- LL

21-Magnificent Dance-- The Clash

22-Give you Body Up --Billy Nichols

23-Emotional Disguise-- Peter Godwin

24- Once In A Life Time ---Talking Heads

25-Love Hangover-- Diana Ross

26-Walking on Thin ice-- Yoko Ono----



28- NO WAY BACK----------------------ADONIS

29- TAKE A CHANCE---------------------------PLEASURE

30- NOBODYS BUSINESS------------------BILLIE

Lenny Kravitz, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Lion Babe, Thundercat, SZA & More Rock The Afropunk Festival 2015 in Brooklyn, NY.

Jamie XX 120 minute mix for BBC Radio 6:

>>>Stream (via BBC)

Lord Finesse Mix

Young bloods don't know but Lord Finesse was the original do-it-all DJ and MC, as demonstrated ably on this mix recorded "Live From The Boogie Blind Residence." Read what Finesse had to say and listen below:

"This was recorded Live From Boogie Blind’s Residence. This is for your listening pleasure… This mix is for music lovers, collectors, diggers, etc. Hopefully, this inspires people to continue on with the saga for collecting vinyl, rare grooves and searching for the perfect jewel."

Soulection Radio Rhettmatic

The homie Joe Kay of Soulection brought the Beat Junkies' DJ Rhettmatic through the newest installment of Soulection radio, a 3-hour marathon with extended DJ sets from both as well as an interview at the end. An extremely enjoyable way to spend your Monday afternoon, scroll down for tracklist and time codes for DJ sets and interview.

Soulection Radio Show #172 Tracklist:

Joe Kay’s Set (0 – 1:30:50)

1. fLako – Honey Drips

2. The Code – Her

3. Obey City – Hold Me

4. Shokazulu – Dis Yah One I Love (Joe Kay’s Slowed Edit)

5. D’Angelo x Miguel Macedo – Spanish Joint (Joe Kay’s Slowed Edit)

6. A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum (Instrumental)

7. Mergeville – Donut Life

8. Mozaic – Ian

9. IAMNOBODI – Maybachufer

10. Mr. Carmack – Robb Banks’, 3/5

11. Mr. Carmack – Unfocused

12. JuSoul – THINK 2WICE

13. The Roots – Afrodisiac

14. The Stuyvesants – Yearning (For Your Love)

15. Rvdical The Kid x MisterMack – Ethereal

16. Jay-Z – I Know ft. Pharrell (Instrumental)

17. Tryezz – Street Lights On

18. Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name (Instrumental)

19. AbJo – Selecta!

20. Sango – Três Horas

21. Sly5thAve – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

22. Sivey – Waterbed slow-mo

23. Sivey – A Little Help

24. Tryezz – The Grind Neva’ Stops

25. Tryezz – Sitting Back Sidewayz

26. Yumo – Liquid ft. Jordan Rakei

27. Max Graef – Pedro

28. Fion & Brame – Get Some

29. Dwele vs Swivel Hips – The Truth (The Swivel Hips After Party)

30. Kaytranada – At All

31. Penthouse Penthouse – Voice Mailz 32. Sango - Vai Vai

33. Mr. Carmack & Kaytranada - i cherish youse

34. Sango - That Freakin Glow

35. Iman Omari - Feel Luv + + +

36. The Code - Gravity

37. Iamnobodi - Missing Her (Interlude)

38. Disclosure - Latch ft. Sam Smith (Lido Remix)

Rhettmatic’s Set (1:30:50 – 2:20:15)

39. Destiny’s Child – Cater 2 U (ESTA. Remix)

40. ESTA. – WhateverUNeed

41. Tek.lun – Time Won’t Tell

42. Scoop DeVille x Biggie Smalls – The Recipe (Scoopaloop) Remix

43. Tek.lun – Ascension Feat. Lakim

44. Tek.lun – EUREKA!

45. Jon B – They Dont Know (TEEKO RE-FREAK)

46. ESTA. – Ciara – Body Party (ESTA. Remix)


48. Ginuwine – PONY (ESTA. Remix)

49. Kaytranada – Nevalie

50. Clicks & Whistles – fumando

51. Denaun Porter – nAkEd iN 3 sExOnDs fLaT

52. Kendrick Lamar – m.A.A.d. City (Instrumental)

53. Kaytranada – Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (Kaytranada Remix)

54. Ta-ku – Hustle

55. KAYTRANADA – Killa Cats

56. Jeedo – Hood Tech

57. Lil Scrappy – Money In The Bank (inst)

58. 14KT – Rain Delay

59. Araab Muzik – Y.N.R.E

60. Araab Muzik – Street Knock

61. Nottz – Jackson Flip #2

62. Jake One – 50 Cent

63. 14KT – Choir Robed Up

64. Jake One – JOHN CENA

65. DJ Khalil – 8 Audio Track

66. DJ Rhettmatic – THOUGHTS OF NINA

67. Jaydee – Flyyyyy

68. Jaydee – L.L.

69. D.R.U.G.S. – funky worm

70. Nottz – Everybody Knows Your Name

71. J Dilla – Diamonds (Radio Edit) Produced by Nottz

72. Yancey Boys – Lovin’ U (instrumental produced by J Dilla)

73. Yancey Boys – Lovin’ U feat Eric Robertson (produced by J Dilla) Clean Edit

74. Afta-1 – 4nia (92)

75. AbJo – Kalimba Song

76. DJ Rhettmatic – STRATASPHERE

77. Dert – Money

78. Fat Joe – Fat Joe – Ha Ha [Slow Down] (Instrumental)

Interview w/ Rhettmatic + Free The Robots (2:20:15 – End of Session)

79. Little Dragon – Forever

80. Howls – 001

81. Khadisma – Isn’t She

82. Louis Futon – Alright Alright

83. Tom Misch – Ahmad Heavy Short

84. Dpat – Unbound (Bonus Track)

85. Oneohtrix Point Never – Blue Drive

86. Teebs – The Endless

87. Mr. Carmack – Ain’t Loyal

88. Tek.Lun – Eureka

89. Little Dragon – Scale It Back (The Archive’s Waltz)

89. Little Dragon – Twice

20 years of Kwaito mix

A.J. Holmes is a virtuoso guitar player in the Pan-African style who learned from some of the continent's brightest. He is also the frontman of London's most improbably infectious soukous-pop band The Hackney Empire. On this mix, however, he shows off his love for and knowledge of South African kwaito--from the genre's Apartheid-era roots until now. Stream "20 years Of Kwaito" in 33 minutes below, via Ghetto Bassquake.