New Mixtapes from Joey Llanos, Jamie XX, Lord Finesse + More

Mixtape Mondays: Joey Llanos x Larry Levan, Jamie XX, Rhettmatic x Soulection + More

by ocko
May 05, 2014 1:10 PM

Mixtapes: Joey Llanos Larry Levan Street Party Playlist

Mixtape Monday time has come round again, mmmkayplayers. Monday Morning creeps up and catches us sleeping, every damn week. Luckily we keep our iPod under the pillow, with the safety off and an ammo clip full of Mixtapes. Take that, Monday. And that and that and that. “That” is our lead Mixtape, honoring DJ divinity Larry Levan (pictured above) in advance of the Larry Levan Street Party next week (Sunday, May 11th) as part of Red Bull Music Academy’s RBMA NYC Music Festival. Specifically Paradise Garage vet and keeper of the torch Joey Llanos curates an exclusive playlist of garage classics to get us in the Street Party mode. “That and that and that” represents the rest of our Mixtape Mondays round-up, including Benij B‘s tribute mix for DJ RashadJamie XX putting down 120 minutes of dancing-in-the-dark jams, (including this King Krule remix thingy with Wiki and first look kid Lucki Eck$) on the BBC; DJ Rhettmatic paying tribute to Soulection; a mixed compilation/beat tape of South Africa’s Subterranean Wavelength and A.J. Holmes chronicling 20 Years of Kwaito (both via Okayafrica, natch) and last but certainly not least disturbing, a Dutty Artz mix mixed by dj /rupture and inspired by the mindfuck documentary The Act Of Killing. Get full info for the Larry Levan Street Party via the flyer below–and click through to let the Mixtapes begin.

Joey Llanos Mixtape RBMA

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