Mixtape Monday: Exclusive Kronika Premiere, P.U.D.G.E., DJ Rahdu & More

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Once more, Mixtape Monday is bringing you out of the stale present and off toward musical futures unforeseen. This week takes an especially progressive tack, beats-wise, thanks to our exclusive world premiere of Kronika‘s HOT ATTACK mixtape, a searing new piece of work from the Soulection artist that brings some of the most exciting new material in hip-hop and future-R&B together in one big sonic bonfire. Things stay hot and futuristic with new work from UK prodigy Fwdslxsh, a street-ready batch of tunes from Donnie Most, a dense grip of Chuck D thanks to Bachir & Slurg. And so, let’s not waste time. The Mixtape season is prime, and the grooves are ripe.

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