Mixtape Mondays: Cosmo Baker, MRE, LeftO, Hobo Truffles

Mixtape Mondays: Cosmo Baker x Skratch Bastid, Midnight Rockers Express, LeftO & Hobo Truffles

Mixtape Monday: LeftO - show 567

This week’s Mixtape Mondays features mixes from Cosmo Baker x Skratch Bastid, Mixtape stalwarts Midnight Rockers Express and LeftO and something a little different from in the way of a beat tape from Hobo Truffles. Lee and GETLIVE! of Midnight Rockers Express include artists such as Four Tet, A$AP Mob  and Arcade Fire in their 25th collection. LeftO‘s #587th show goes from the hip hop of Vic Mensa to great beats from the likes of Fatty DL  and Daedelus. Lastly, production collective Hobo Truffles drop an instrumental mixtape titled Ode to Ghana, wherein all the samples come from Ghanaian highlife music. The result is beautiful. Click through to find mixes that can turn up the heat in these frigid times.

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