Miguel Talks New 'Wildheart' LP, Met Gala On Hot 97

Miguel Hot 97 Interview Large

Miguel's having an awfully busy week. On Tuesday TMZ reported that the R&B crooner is being hit with a lawsuit in the wake of his infamous performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. On that night in Las Vegas Miguel attempted to leap over a pit of fans and missed--slightly--falling back onto a audience member Cindy Tsai. Tsai is suing Miguel for negligence, medical expenses and lost wages in the wake of alleged injuries she sustained as the artist fell backwards off stage and onto her.

Legal woes, however, were off the table during Miguel's visit to the Hot 97 Studios Tuesday, where both Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez were keen to hear about his current love life bliss and recent attendance at the Met Gala in New York City (during which the crooner donned a a fly red tux). Miguel admitted he had partied late into the night, but was apparently able to rally for the day, and dropped details of what it's like to hob-nob with those at the party and divulged the release date of his upcoming Wildheart LP.

Miguel was keep to share details about the workings of the Met Gala, and acknowledged that he himself might not have been the best-known fellow at the fete. But Rosenberg was keen to redirect back to the music itself. "It's not often that someone gets to the position that you're in and doesn't compromise and at some point start making shitty music," the DJ said, warming Miguel up for a talk on his past work as well as what's coming down the pike. The move worked, and in the conversation's later minutes it's revealed that Wildheart will drop on June 30th. Watch the full interview below and treat yourself to his new single "Coffee" if you haven't already done so.