MF DOOM holding mic
MF DOOM holding mic
Photo Credit: Nick Pickles/WireImage

MF DOOM Fans Are Pissed That People Are Selling His Records For Ridiculous Prices

The most expensive MF DOOM vinyl on his website is $30. Amid his death, some sellers are asking for over $700 for their DOOM records.

Following news of MF DOOM's death in 2020, it's unsurprising that new and old fans alike are trying to find vinyl from the rapper's catalog to add to their collection. But they may have to wait, considering that a handful of sellers are surge pricing their MF DOOM vinyl.

Where albums like Madvillainy and MM...Food both run for $30 on DOOM's website, sellers are asking for high prices for those — and others — amid his death, with some listings asking for $500 and $700, respectively, for those albums, as some people have pointed out on social media.

The justified ire against sellers price gouging their DOOM vinyl can even be seen on Discogs, with a handful of users leaving comments criticizing such sellers. For those hoping to get repressings of some of his albums, there is some hope. Currently, both Born Like This and Key to the Kuffs can be purchased on vinyl via DOOM's bandcamp for roughly $24 and $20, respectively (before shipping fees are applied, that is).

The vinyl sphere isn't the only space where people are trying to sell DOOM-related merchandise for exorbitant prices. The highly sought-after DOOM Nike SB Dunks that were originally released in July 2007 are now running for between $2,437 and $10,000 for new on sneaker reselling websites like GOAT.

News of DOOM's death was shared by his wife Jasmine on his Instagram account. The post revealed that the Madvillainy artist had actually passed away on October 31, 2020. He was 49.

You can purchase the Madvillainy vinyl at the OkayShop.