MF DOOM Streaming Numbers Soar in the Wake of His Passing

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In the week after the news that MF DOOM passed, his streaming numbers increased by 870 percent.

On the last day of what was already a terrible year for most people, the family of MF DOOM announced that the beloved rapper had passed just two months before. In subsequent weeks, rappers and music industry professionals have shared tributes and stories spreading the lore of the masked villain. On Wednesday, Billboard reported the impact his death has had on his streaming numbers.

In the week following the announcement, DOOM’s streaming numbers increased at a massive rate of 870%, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data. Between December 31 and January 5, his catalog was streamed 25.4 million times, compared to the 2.6 million streams in the week before.

DOOM and Madlib’s album Madvillainy even hit number 73 on the Billboard 200, its first appearance on the chart since the album was released. Number 73 is nearly 100 spots higher than the album originally peaked at back in 2004. The album hit number nine on US Billboard‘s Top Heatseekers Albums chart and number ten on its Top Independent Albums chart.

In the wake of DOOM’s death, internet sleuths have delved even deeper into the man behind the mask, discovering that his date of birth is actually July 13, 1971 as opposed to January 9, as mentioned on the DANGERDOOM track “Pretty Hair.”

On an episode of Pete Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds’ Juan Ep is Dead podcast, Peanut Butter Wolf discussed the long-awaited sequel to Madvillainy. According to him, “DOOM was always telling me it’s 85% done…that was the magic number.” He assures listeners that he has the consent of DOOM’s team and family to release the 11 songs DOOM did send him back in 2009. However, he seems unsure of how to package them.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the Madvillainy sequel and other potential releases from the MF DOOM estate.

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