Meyhem Lauren feat Action Bronson - "100 MPH" [Official Video]

Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson Put On A Lyrical & Culinary Feast In The Clip For "100 MPH"

by zo
March 13, 2015 11:12 AM

Mayhem Lauren & Action Bronson Star In A Queens-Dwelling Clip For "100 MPH"

Meyhem Lauren is a name and a face you might remember from a certain Venetian installation of Action Bronson‘ Fuck That’s DeliciousOr perhaps you caught a whiff of his all-the-way dope collabo piece Silk Pyramids (serious contender for best rap album name ever) with Buckwild at the helm. Well, if you had put your ears to that piece, you may have stumbled upon this blazing sonic specimen known as “100 MPH,” featuring the blue-eyed bomber himself. Today we have a bright new clip from Lauren & Bronson, filled with all of the push-ups, lobster and vintage whips you can bear. Watch the video for Meyhem Lauren’s “100 MPH” below, just be sure to grab a copy of his simply superb Silk Pyramids LP on iTunes if you’re looking for some more. As for Bronson, his Mr. Wonderful LP will be arriving in due time, hitting physical and digital shelves on March 24th via Vice/Atlantic. You can also find Bronsolino at NYC’s Terminal 5 for two back-to-back sold out shows celebrating the release of the album on the night of the release and the 25th. Preorders for the highly anticipated Mr. Wonderful LP can also be found on iTunes today.

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