OKP Premiere: Soul Legend Mavis Staples Declares It’s Time To “Fight” w/ Powerful New Single

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Today, soul music giant Mavis Staples has returned to champion social justice in the decades-spanning fight for our nation’s dignity as a self-proclaimed beacon for civil rights, pouring her velvet croon into the anthemic and bluesy new single “Fight.” Produced by and featuring sometime Roots & RJD2 collaborator (and OKP favorite) Aaron Livingston AKA Son Little, “Fight” is off Staples’ recently released Your Good Fortune EP. Over the last year, rightfully so, there have been countless songs of upheaval sharing this theme. Songs that illuminate the demand for change in a culture that ruthlessly steals the identity of the black men, women and children it seems to worship in terms of entertainment and belittles in terms of cultural significance, refusing to return even a mere gesture of gratitude. But when Mavis Staples raises the call to arms, you know that a once-in-a-lifetime moment of change may come twice in a lifetime.

If you’re a student of history, musical or otherwise, you may recall how Mavis, Pops, Pervis & Yvonne Staples were called upon to take part in the Selma marches with a performance at Chicago’s historic New Nazareth Church. Now 50 years down the line, it seems we’re still just as lost in our ways as we’ve ever been and numbers like Mavis’ “Fight” still ring loud and clear, making us hopeful for a stronger, more self-aware constitution as a people. And we here OKP could not be more proud to bring it your way. Watch the lyric video for Mavis Staples new song below and grab a copy of her EP Your Good Fortune on iTunes today.

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