Throwback Thursdays: Masta Ace - "Dear Diaries (Episode 1) - Okayplayer

Throwback Thursdays: Masta Ace - "Dear Diaries (Episode 1)

by Eddie "STATS"
October 04, 2012 5:20 PM

Masta Ace & homies (baby picture)

Hip-hop pioneer Masta Ace grants us a window into his worldview (and his baby pics) in this vlog / collage / scrapbook he call “Dear Diaries: Episode 1”–the first in a whole series he is putting together, allowing him to reintroduce himself to the rap world on the heels of his highly-rated MA_DOOM/Son of Yvonne project. Click play below to enjoy the mix of b-boy history, personal throwback pics from Ace’s native Brownsville (another classic example after the jump) and tour footage, all documenting Ace’s journey from the childhood he explores in Son Of Yvonne on down to his latest overseas tour (presented by Okayplayer in conjunction with I AM pr).

Masta Ace, Brownsville Brooklyn ca. 1970s

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