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Malkovich x DJ Spinna’s ‘Pre-Boarding’ Mixtape Mixtape Flies All Around The MC World

Malkovich x DJ Spinna’s ‘Pre-Boarding’ Mixtape Mixtape Flies All Around The MC World

Malkovich 'Pre-Boarding' Mixtape Mixed By DJ Spinna


Malkovich 'Pre-Boarding' Mixtape Mixed By DJ Spinna

Meet Malkovich–the Iranian/British-blooded, Italian-born and Middle Eastern-raised homeless traveling rapper. Malkovich is currently a “resident” of Los Angeles (I use resident loosely) and has dropped a new mixtape called Pre-Boarding which sounds like rightfully subtle homage to his preferred/most used method of travel. Pre-Boarding is mixed by OKP bruh DJ Spinna who’s collaborated with the likes of De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Eminem, and Mos Def. Pre-Boarding is the follow up to Malkovich’s 2013 Great Expectations and the project Malkovich describes as “the true beginning of my career:

“I always dreamed of doing nothing but traveling and rapping about what I see, and after 20 years of rapping, my dream’s my reality.”

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As an MC, Malk’ is firmly rooted in the mid-’90s flow best-exemplified on “Broken Language” but whether you’re old school or new school, the projects’ global musical representation is impressive and unique. He raps over African, Cape Verdean, Carribean, Brazilian, and Indian beats and makes us consider raps influence in typically overlooked spaces. He’s conducting an ongoing multimedia project called #1BAG where he finds producers via Twitter around the globe, travels to said country, then records music and the experience. Episodes exist in Thailand, Italy, and episodes in the South Pacific and West Africa are under construction.

Even if you didn’t feel you were ready for a globeterotting Italian-Persian who flows like Smoove Da Hustler, the project is global in ambition, and DJ Spinna puts in admirable work as always. Click the link to listen and/or download here, and plan yourself a vacation or something. Start racking up those frequent flyer miles like Malkovich here.


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