Madlib Announces 'Rock Konducta Pt. 2' With "Black Dreams"

Madlib Announces 'Rock Konducta Pt. 2' With New Single "Black Dreams (Sludge Fight)"

Madlib Announces 'Rock Konducta Pt. 2' With "Black Dreams (Sludge Fight)"

Madlib unveiled plans for a sequel to his grungy pearl of a tape Rock Konducta with the fuzzed-out gem “Black Dreams (Sludge Fight.)” Our faithful Konducta in full form, sinking his teeth into yet another exceptional psychedelic cut, flipping it on its ear with a dash of that subversive hallmark chop. All this in the lead-up to the anxiously-anticipated follow up to his excavation of rock from around the globe, tapping into hidden cuts from Zambia, Spain and god knows where else.

The second half of the Rock Konducta project drops July 8th on Stones Throw, followed shortly by the release of both pieces to the Konducta’s puzzle in a 50-plus instrumental anthology on July 15th for you to lap up. Strap your neck-brace on and bump the latest heat from the all-star Madlib with “Black Dreams (Sludge Fight)” below and keep that ear to the ground as we’ll have plenty more leading up to the album’s release.

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