D’Angelo x ?uestlove Live At Brooklyn Bowl [Exclusive Photo Gallery]

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
D'Angelo and Questlove Brothers in Arms
photographed by Myo Campbell

D’Angelo and ?uestlove didn’t so much take the crowd at Brooklyn Bowl to church with their special “Brothers In Arms” duo/show last night–as take them to school. Besides being the first time most of the assembled Brooklynites had seen D in more than a decade–ie the first of his recent comeback shows that didn’t require a plane ticket to Europe or Bonnaroo–the experience was a truly singular performance in and of itself. An object lesson in less is more, the musical tapestry the Soulquarian brothers conjured wove an incredible range of grooves and textures from nothing more than two instruments; a drum kit and a fender rhodes–plus of course D’Angelo’s voice. Jamming and improvising on a series of surprising covers before letting them eat the cake of D’Angelo favorites like “Africa” and “Lady,” D and ?uesto truly gave the fans and fellow musicians in attendance–often the very same people–feel as if they were a fly on the wall of an the illest of all possible studio sessions–at a studio that just happened to serve whisky and have room for roughly half the beautiful people in Brooklyn. At this point, any D’Angelo show is worth documenting. But this particular happening doubly demands a photographic record as beautiful as these gems captured by okayplayer’s resident street-style king Nate Parson.

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