Andy Allo "If I Was A King" Live

Andy Allo "If I Was A King" + "People Pleaser" [Live]


Purple prot├ęge Andy Allo emerged recently to perform “If I Was A King” – a second-line inspired funk number from her 2012 album Superconductor. The album, which features Prince on a few tracks, is her first release since joining the New Power Generation as a singer and guitarist in 2011. The performance aired last week as the latest installment of DirecTV’s Guitar Center Sessions with Allo flanked by a gleaming cream colored axe, a fringed mic stand and at least a handful of her NPG bandmates. “If I Were A King” begins with the pomp and circumstance of a royal march. Stomping through the first track Allo’s performance quickly turns into a short jam as the band hops into “People Pleaser” – the second track on Superconductor. Anyone longing for Prince could surely hear him there in spirit by the time the funk finished hitting the fan, what with Allo and her band dumping the whole entire can of stank on the stage by the end of the track.

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