Little Simz Mr Mass Paris Live Square
Little Simz Mr Mass Paris Live Square

OKP Exclusive: Little Simz Casts A Spell On Paris [Live Video, Recap + Photo Gallery]

When Little Simz took the stage in Paris on a rain-soaked Sunday night, what ensued was nothing short of a sonic riot. Performing at Le Divan du Monde in the heart of the 18th arrondissement, the British MC riddled the room with her blend of melodic trap, rapping at rates that kept pace with the hi hats firing from the sound system. From the anthemic strut of "Time Capsule" to bars of barbed introspection on "Marilyn Monroe," Simz's 45 minute set was triumphant, with her owning the stage unassisted in front of a crowd that--if they didn't already know--quickly became hipped to her skills.

The inimitable Mr. Mass of Nowfutur (and also Okayplayer's go-to man in Paris) was present at Simz's Sunday performance, and captured the 21 year-old on both video and in still photos. Mass's images show a woman in vibrant motion, lit by stage lights and rapping with eyes closed. Hard work, innate talent and youthful bravado all working in concert and firing shots at will. According to Mass:

Simz I've seen her performing quite a few times now and this little girl always surprises me with the unbelievable amount of energy she brings to the stage. She’s comin to get you, any crowd. Either you don t know about Simz or you're a fan. She'll turn you up at the end but she's so shy and reserved when not on stage. She has that "let it all out" capacity that you don t see on many rappers nowadays and is an artist in the purest form. Simz lives to give.

Little Simz fans were only days ago treated to the release of her brand new Age 101: Drop 4 EP, but this week the French had all the luck. Watch Now Futur's video of "Time Capsule" and "Marilyn Monroe" below and check out the rest of her European summer tour dates.

Little Simz Summer Tour Dates:

June 12 – Sideways Festival, Helsinki, Finland

July 03 – Wireless Festival 2015, Finsbury Park, London, UK

July 10 – Openair Frauenfeld Festival 2015, Frauenfeld, Swizerland

July 12 – Splash! Festival 2015, Gräfenhainichen, Germany

July 17 – Lovebox Festival, London UK

JUly 18 – Slottsfjell Festival 2015, Tønsberg, Norway