This Little Black Girl Who Called Trump Impersonator A 'Disgrace' Is Our Hero

This Little Black Girl Who Called Trump Impersonator A 'Disgrace' Is Our Hero Screenshot via Twitter

A video of a little black girl holding a Donald Trump impersonator to task is going viral.

The video, which is from Comedy Central's The President Show, shows the girl telling the Trump impersonator (played by Anthony Atamanuik) basically how most of America feels about the current president.

"You're a disgrace to the world," the girl tells Atamanuik before taking a picture of him.

Although it is unknown if the girl knew if it was an impersonation or not, Atamanuik took to Twitter to discuss the scene, describing it as spontaneous and unplanned.

"Just to be clear, she wasn't an actress. She got off a bench and walked over. Her line was so good, but totally spontaneous," Atamanuik said on Twitter. "...I watched her form it in her mind right in front of me. She should be a new resistance meme!"

Turns out that a lot of people on the internet fell for the viral video too, believing that it was a real interaction between Trump and the child.

Of course, this moment brings to mind the incredible Wonder Showzen segment, in which a little black girl by the name of Tamara confronted Wall Street businessmen.

In the two-minute segment, Tamara asked the businessmen questions such as "When did you sell your conscience," resulting in the men making perplexed faces and not expecting the type of questions Tamara was asking them.

Needless to say, Tamara would be proud of this moment.