Lin-Manuel Miranda Got Into Hip-Hop By Stealing His Sister’s Tribe & De La Soul Records

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Got Into Hip-Hop By Stealing His Sister's Tribe & De La Soul Records
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“Credit to her for having good taste,” Lin-Manuel Miranda said of his older sister’s record collection in a recent interview.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a well-known lover of hip-hop music, and now we know that his older sister’s record collection played a part in influencing his musical taste.

On Tuesday, the Hamilton creator spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about growing up on hip-hop as a kid, and how he would steal his older sister’s records.
“I mean, I think I had the advantage that most younger kids get. I had an older sister who was cooler than me so I would steal her records,” he said. “I remember stealing Black Sheep A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, stealing The Low End Theory. I’m like, ‘You won’t notice if I take De La Soul instead.’ … just for a minute just to grab it.”

“Credit to her for having good taste and then me building on that because… It was also I think about ’92, ’93, ’94, it’s also so diverse,” he continued. “It’s also Digable Planet and Wu Tang and The Chronic and Pharcyde.”

During the interview, Miranda also talked about Hamilton and how it’s a “love letter to hip-hop.”

I mean, hip-hop’s the language of revolution and it’s our greatest American art form. To me, that was the initial impulse. It was the fact that Hamilton got everywhere on the strength of his writing,” he said. “That was the whole idea, was, ‘Well, that’s what my favorite MCs do.’ They write so brilliantly that they transcend their circumstances and they change the world literally through their power of their pen and their delivery and their oratory. That’s the fundamental idea in it.”

The conversation was done alongside the release of Miranda’s “At Home With” playlist.

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