Limited Edition ‘Creed’ Vinyl Is A 21st Century American Treasure

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Limited Edition 'Creed' Vinyl Is A 21st Century American Treasure

Limited Edition 'Creed' Vinyl Is A 21st Century American Treasure

The soundtrack to Creed is getting a limited edition vinyl pressing and it is gorgeous.

Courtesy of Mondo, the design is a tri-colored coating of red, white and blue that is pressed on 180 gram vinyl. The two LPs will be accompanied by black and white still shots from the Rocky spinoff.

The score, created by Childish Gambino collaborator Ludwig Göransson, is being described as a “Composer’s Cut,” meaning that no dialogue tracks are included in the soundtrack. The vinyl will also include four bonus tracks not featured in the film.

“I’m so excited to finally have my score for Creed on my favorite format,” Göransson said in a statement. “I’m also excited to share this new version with only the instrumental score for the true film score fans.”

“In the world of Adonis, Bill Conti’s iconic Rocky score weighs as heavy as Apollo’s legacy. Without even getting into the soundtracks for the various sequels, the music of Rocky looms large over the franchise’s legacy, but Ludwig Göransson’s score for Creed goes round for round with the greats and truly stands on its own. It’s powerful, and emotional without leaning heavily on nostalgia,” Mo Shafeek, Mondo Record’s Label Manager, added.

The vinyl will be released on February 8 for $35, and only 1,000 copies will be sold. However, if you happen to live in Austin, TX, you can cop one during a special screening of the movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz on Saturday, January 28. You can find out more information about it all here.

Mondo has become known for its limited edition vinyl pressings. Last year they put out an awesome release for the Luke Cage soundtrack, which was pressed on 180 gram “Power Man Yellow” colored vinyl. The release featured the original score for the Netflix series created by Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge.

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