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Keep Warm w/ OKP's 'Legends Of The Fall' Collection feat. New Hoodies, Tees + More

All photos by Andre L. Perry for Okayplayer.

It's that time of the season again, folks. When you're just as likely to catch chills from the prospect of a Trump presidency as the weather itself. So we've opted to get you ready for either case. Today we're rolling out The Legends Of The Fall clothing collection, so you can keep warm beneath the motifs of hip-hop's supreme sultans of rhythm and rhyme.

These are the products of no ordinary seed: we've got tees and hoodies inspired by OKP's finest such as Yasiin Bey,  The Roots,  and Jay Dee (not to mention the blessing of the real-life Umis.) This year we're bringing back some classics, as well as introducing some new swag, like the lush tie-dye "Legendary Roots Crew" hoodies. You'll also find an ox-red, Pablo-tinged long-sleeve adorned with the light-shining wisdom of the great Umi herself (and its black & white fair-weather alternative.) And let's not forget that Dilla script three-quarters length that's ripe and ready for the ballpark with a short-sleeve variation for the little(st) ones ('cause Dilla's for the kids too.)

For the high-fashion heads we've got that "Engine Engine No. 9" print back in rotation. Finally, everyone's favorite illustrations are blazed across the chest of deep blue hoodies for the cartoon-clad crews of our day. All these things and more are ready for your perusal in The OKP Shop, but we suggest you arrive on time. 

These joints, like the artists that inspired them, are in a class of their own. Be sure to stay tuned for the holidaze, as we've got plenty more in store for you.