Le1f Umami Water Single Art
Le1f Umami Water Single Art

Le1f Shares New Passionate New Single "Umami/Water" + Speaks Up For Transgender Rights

Le1f Drops A Full Stream Of The Forthcoming 'Hey' EP Due On March 11th

Le1f has shared a brand new track off his upcoming Riot Boi LP--the minimalist and hard-hitting club joint "Umami/Water." The tune was produced byLunice and Evian Christ and slinks through your speaker and touches places perhaps a bit beyond conventional comfort zones. If you're not one to get weird, you might want to look elsewhere, but for those with a sexually subversive bent, "Umami" is the flavor you crave.

The track premiered over at Complex, where Le1f also gave an extensive statement on his support for Transgender rights and the continuing work of making the world a safe space for trans persons. Read it in full below and listen to "Umami/Water" just after. Riot Boi can be pre-ordered on iTunes and drops November 13th.

I got this beat from Lunice, and I was really inspired to make a song dedicated to my friend Juliana Huxtable. There was a lot of talk in political media, as well as clickbait, about transgender issues. Feeling like I wasn’t educated and sensitive enough to trans issues, I wanted to correct that for myself, so I delved a bit more into educating myself on the struggle and a lot of the issues that are happening in the trans community. You know, really just knowing the names of victims and all this transphobic brutality and assaults. It’s a multi-faceted issue and also a beautiful thing. I felt that I needed to do that because so many of my favorite people are trans, particularly Juliana Huxtable. She’s one of my favorite artists in general.

It came around the time where she had that amazing series of pieces and collaborations in the Whitney Biennial. She attended Bard College and booked me for some of my first shows, before I put the “1” in my name. We’ve been friends for a really long time, so to see her transition into the most amazing human being...I just wanted to make a song that would make her the most proud, and would be helpful for the trans community at large but also my friends who are trans.