Lauryn Hill Dedicates “Black Rage” To Michael Brown & Ferguson Victims

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Lauryn Hill Dedicates "Black Rage" To Ferguson Victims

Lauryn Hill Dedicates "Black Rage" To Ferguson Victims

Like many of us, Lauryn Hill has been searching herself for a way to express her anger towards the madness transpiring in the wake of Michael Brown‘s tragic death at the hands of Ferguson, MO police. Today we find at least a means to channel that frustration and sense of helplessness visible the chaotic class-based ground-war that’s taking place in Missouri’s streets with the embattled anthem “Black Rage,” dedicated to the victims of police brutality the world over by Ms. Hill herself via Twitter late last night.

Hill delivers a heavyweight vocal treatment, transforming John Coltrane‘s standard “My Favorite Things” into a brutal, groove-heavy call to action, recorded as a demo live and direct from her living room. With all of the media overload and terrorizing of ordinary civilians that’s been taking place, we’d like to help give those on the ground that feel they’ve been silenced by the militancy of Ferguson’s police force the opportunity to have their stories heard. So we’re asking all of you who are in the city or surrounding areas like St. Louis or North County to send over your first-hand accounts of dealing with police and the current situation to Keep those effected by the chaos in Mizzou in your thoughts and prayers folks, they’re fighting the good fight. Explore the origins of “Black Rage” and read the lyrics below.

Lauryn Hill Dedicates "Black Rage" To Michael Brown & Ferguson Victims

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