Chance The Rapper Talks Black Women, Directing In Twitter Q&A For "How Great" Video
Chance The Rapper took time out from his Magnificent Coloring Book festival to show love to Common's AAHH! Fest. | Photo by Johnny Fan for Okayplayer.
Photo Credit: Johnny Fan for Okayplayer.

The Las Vegas Shooter Might Have Been Planning to Attack a Festival Headlined by Chance the Rapper & Lorde

Chance The Rapper Talks Black Women, Gospel In "How Great" Twitter Q&A Photo Credit: Johnny Fan for Okayplayer.

It's been two days since Stephen Paddock traveled to Vegas and committed one of the deadliest acts of domestic terrorism in the United States' history.

The motive for the act is still a mystery; law enforcement officials are still gathering information. And new bits of info are being released constantly. 

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The Daily Beast has talked to a "senior law enforcement source" who isn't involved with the case but has been briefed on it. The source revealed that the weekend before, Paddock rented multiple condos overlooking the Life is Beautiful festival in Vegas. The headliners of that festival: Chance the Rapper and Lorde.

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According to the source, Paddock either "lost his nerve or simply changed his plans."A week later, on September 28th, Paddock rented a room at the Mandalay Bay overlooking the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. There he opened fire on more than 20,000 country music fans.

The condos were in a 21-story building called Ogden. When questioned by The Daily Beast, Melissa Warren, a public affairs officer for Ogden, would not confirm or deny the report.

Source:The Daily Beast