Kweku Saunderson's 'Brunette' Remixes Frank Ocean's New LP w/ House-Infused Heat

Kweku Saunderson's 'Brunette' Infuses Frank Ocean's New LP w/ House-Heavy Heat

Kweku Saunderson's 'Brunette' Remixes Frank Ocean's New LP w/ House Heaters

Nearly two months with Frank Ocean‘s new album and it’s surely still heavy in rotation. And now that it’s available on major streaming platforms you’ve no real excuse for having not heard the album everyone’s been talking about. But for those of you that have burned the wheels off Blonde and really lived with it these last few months, today we’ve got a little chaser for you. Something that takes all the things you love about that blond(e)d life and funnels it through a new, house-tinged lens.

Cue: Kweku Saunderson (nephew of Detroit house proliferator Kevin Saunderson,) who turned Blonde into Brunette with some serious house heat. He fits fan favorites like “Nikes,” “Godspeed,” “Skyline To” and four more (plus his own little intro) with the breakneck minimalism of house and techno. It’s a treat for the house heavies of the world and a slightly skewed take for Frank O. fanatics, to give you that breather you probably need by now. Hear Kweku Saunderson transform Frank Ocean’s Blonde in the player below and be sure to hold tight for his next transmission. Refer to his Beatport page to dive a little deeper.

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