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Kriswontwo & Omar Lye-Fook Share An Artful Clip For “Love, Need You”

Kriswontwo & Omar Lye-Fook Share An Artful Clip For “Love, Need You”

Omar Kriswontwo Love Need You Video

kriswontwo Omar Love Need You Video

Inventive Danish producer Kriswontwo has shared the brand new video clip for “Love, Need You,” his futuristic love ballad for the android age that comes packing the talents of British soul vocalist Omar Lye-Fook. Directed by Rouben Alaverdian, the music video features choreographed dance, dazzling backdrops and a sense of cerebral hustle that fits the track to a tee. Alaverdian described its inspiration as such:

“The idea behind the video was inspired by the music and Tokioa Aoyama’s artwork for the single. The concept was to create a surreal environment for the main character (the dreamer) and to blur the lines between dreams and reality. I was inspired by a quote from the book ‘After The Quake’ by Haruki Murakami – ‘The whole terrible fight occurred in the area of imagination. That is the precise location of our battlefield. It is there, that we experience our victories and defeats’. The main character goes through various levels of dreams until he finally gets to the ‘Mother’ or ‘Healer’ type character that soothes his pain or lets him know that everything will be alright. It’s a symbolic death/transition/rebirth.”

“Love, Need You” will appear on Kriswontwo’s debut full length LP Ceremoni, which is due out on September 14th. Watch the deep-dreaming clip below and keep your third eye peeled for more.

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