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Kim Burrell’s Radio Show Cancelled Following Anti-Gay Rant

Kim Burrell’s Radio Show Cancelled Following Anti-Gay Rant

Kim Burrell's Radio Show Cancelled Following Anti-Gay Rant

Kim Burrell's Radio Show Cancelled Following Anti-Gay Rant

Kim Burrell‘s radio show has been cancelled following the controversial remarks she made against the LGBTQ community in a recent sermon.

Burrell’s “Bridging The Gap” radio show, which first began airing through Texas Southern University’s KTSU broadcast seven months ago, has now been removed from the station.

“The Kim Burrell show is no longer airing as part of KTSU Radio programming,” a representative of KTSU confirmed to The Huffington Post. The announcement was made this past Wednesday evening by Texas Southern University.

Burrell is surely experiencing the consequences of her anti-gay rant. The gospel star had a prominent collaboration with Pharrell as a part of the Hidden Figures soundtrack (the song called “I See A Victory”), but since then the latter has distanced himself from her. She was slated to perform alongside Pharrell on the Ellen DeGeneres show today, but did not make an appearance.

However, Pharrell still showed up, and used the opportunity to speak out against Burrell’s offensive comments.

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“Whenever you hear some sort of hate speech and you feel like it doesn’t pertain to you because you may not have anything to do with that, all you got to do is put the word black in that sentence, or put gay in that sentence, or put transgender in that sentence, or put white in that sentence, and all of the sudden it starts to make sense to you,” Pharrell said. “I’m telling you, the world is a beautiful place but it does not work without empathy and inclusion.”

But Burrell has found one supporter in all of this — Shirley Caesar. The pastor and fellow gospel star used a recent sermon of her own to speak out in defense of Burrell, saying “You (Kim Burrell) should’ve said something four years ago when our President made that stuff alright.”


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