Watch Killer Mike Deliver A Fiery Introduction For Bernie Sanders At An Atlanta Rally

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Watch Killer Mike Introduce Bernie Sanders At An Atlanta RallyChris Piascik

“In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that Bernie Sanders is the right man to lead this country.”

As the race for the Democratic presidential nomination continues to heat up, Bernie Sanders has certainly forged some unlikely bonds. Perhaps the best example of this is Sanders’ undying support from ATLien powerhouse emcee, Killer Mikewho was spotted earlier today breaking bread with the presidential hopeful at the famed Atlanta diner Busy Bee.

But truth be told, Mike’s support has proven to go much farther than merely sharing a plate with Sanders. His socials have been soaked with musings over the Vermont senator and he’s been quite vocal about his stance for Sanders since he entered the bout. Today, however, Mike upped his co-sign to full-on liaison, introducing Sanders with a fiery and impassioned introduction at an Atlanta rally, where he claimed to bleed for his hometown and stand in Bernie’s corner for his relentless pursuit of voter’s rights, ending the war on drugs and tirelessly fighting for free healthcare and education for every US citizen before handing off the mic to the night’s distinguished guest.

You can watch Killer Mike deliver the intro of a lifetime down below. Y’all feeling the Bern yet?

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